DIY Pest Control: Is It Safe to Use on Electrical Appliances and Wiring?

When it comes to pest control, it's always best to hire a professional exterminator to handle the job. DIY pest control methods can be beneficial in mitigating pest problems, but they can also be potentially harmful to you, your family, your pets, and the environment. Before attempting any DIY pest control project, it's important to consider a few important reasons why this isn't always the best option. Steel wool and wire mesh can be used to fill the spaces around pipes and cover any holes. However, many of the sprays, poisons and traps sold in stores are limited to applying a temporary bandage to a larger pest control problem.

Homeowners often spend hundreds of dollars on pest control themselves and many hours on pest control, only to discover that the problem is no better, or may be worse, than it was initially. If you're sure you're only using safe methods for DIY pest control, it may seem like you have nothing to lose by implementing pest control on your own. But why not prevent a pest control problem before it even starts? Learn more about our Home Protection Plan with routine inspections and seasonal pest control treatments. We've already discussed how handmade pest control products contain harmful chemicals and the potential to cause personal injury, but there is also a great risk of harming family, pets and the environment. Therefore, it's important to know the pests you have and the options available to control specific pests before attempting any DIY project.